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Welcome to Atlanta

City In The Forest: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

Stay in a city that embraces progress while honoring its roots, making it an exciting and dynamic destination for

residents and visitors alike.

What to Expect

Loft Apartment
Breakfast in Bed

     Spaces come fully furnished and ready to our travelers. Each housing provided will come kitchens stocked with dishes, flatware, and pots and pans. Bedrooms and baths will have quality linens. Our living quarters will also provide Tv, cable and fast Internet. Washers and Dryers will be included inside or on site. Overall our Corporate Housing create a safe environment including smart home technology locks, noise monitoring and exterior cameras.

Image by Joshua Peacock


Our locations are built around northern Atlanta. Dine at one of our neighborhood’s many world-renowned restaurants, take a quick trip to see a braves game, and don’t miss our lively local bars located in the heart of Atlanta.

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About Wonderful Innovation

Atlanta, a city that embodies a dream, has a remarkable history that continues to shape its present and future. Wonderful Innovation was made with the sole purpose of bringing travelers to a safe haven they can call home while exploring the vibrant energy of what we call the Big Peach.

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